My Expat Life: an endless, exciting adventure

Here I am, 10 years after my first experience as an expat realizing how much impact living my life in a foreign land has had on me. We, expat people, are of a complicated kind: restlessly homesick, but with the constant need to feel free and ready at any moment to pack our bags and live our current life behind.

But what have I really learnt by living abroad?

I have grown and I have evolved as a person.

I have learnt that we, expatriates, are excited by the challenge of uncertainty.

I have experienced what it means to feel homesick.

I have learnt that keep thinking about the past brings us depression and worrying about the future causes you anxiety. That happiness doesn’t last, therefore you need to enjoy every single present moment.

I have learnt that you must respect people around you if you want to be respected and that sorrow brings always a lesson. I have learnt that I am human, therefore I make  mistakes: the important part is learning from them.

And that living abroad is f… hard but yet is the best choice I have made in my life.

That having a supporting family on the other side of the world is not a privilege that everyone has.
I have learnt that you need to blend and adjust with other cultures and have an open mentality to best live your experience . That you cannot pretend to find good italian food in any italian restaurant abroad. That having an accent is actually something you should proud of and not being ashamed of.

I have realized that if you do what you love you will not have to work a single day in your life . That after the age of 30 you should start being a responsible person, but you are still entitled to have fun and enjoy life.
I have learnt that old people, no matter what nationality they are from, will always be wiser than you and you should listen to them.

And that traveling is the number one thing worth spending money for.


But most importantly i have learnt that what makes a place to be called “Home” is your friends. You guys, made my London life, Seattle life and now make my Florida life and life is worth living enough for that.

… Un tortellino all’estero …

6 pensieri su “My Expat Life: an endless, exciting adventure

  1. Ho imparato che continuare a pensare al passato ci porta depressione e preoccuparsi del futuro ti causa ansia. Quella felicità non dura, quindi devi goderti ogni singolo momento presente. E CON LA VITA STAI DIMOSTRANDO QUESTO. Complimenti!

    Piace a 1 persona

  2. A volte penso a cosa sarebbe successo se dopo aver dato le dimissioni mi sarei trasferita in America, come sarebbe stata la mia vita?! Rimarrò sempre con questo dubbio, ma è anche vero che la mia vita è cambiata radicalmente in pochi anni ed è inutile continuare a rimuginare. Non c’è cosa più bella quando l’inaspettato ti sorprende e ti regala così tanto amore 👶🏻👶🏻 ! È vero, vivere all’estero lontano da tutti delle volte risulta terribile ma anche per me è stata la decisione più bella e giusta che io potessi mai prendere ❤️ Complimenti anche per il tuo percorso di vita..non potevi scegliere meta migliore! In bocca al lupo per tutto! Sarà un piacere seguirti 😉

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